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Voyagers has travelled to: Aotearoa, Australia, Tahiti, Borabora & New Caledonia

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Charting Our Journey as Voyagers

Welcome to Voyagers, where our story begins with a simple yet powerful notion: the spirit of exploration and the courage to embrace the unknown. We, the Voyagers family, comprising three brothers and a sister, embarked on this extraordinary adventure to create a clothing brand that expresses the essence of innovation, determination, and unity.

Our Roots: A Polynesian Connection

Our inspiration emanates from the legendary Polynesian voyagers who ventured fearlessly across the vast Pacific Ocean, employing innovation to discover new lands. Their unwavering determination resonates deeply with us, guiding our mission to empower individuals on their unique journeys, just as the Pacific voyagers did centuries ago.

The Birth of Voyagers: A Dream Takes Flight

Driven by a shared passion for our Polynesian heritage, we left our conventional jobs and invested our all into Voyagers. Our dream was not just about creating a clothing brand but fostering a sense of pride and respect. For close to 2 years, we meticulously planned, strategized, and materialized our vision from concept to reality and we have finally arrived.

Challenges and Triumphs: Navigating Uncharted Waters

Our journey was not without challenges. We faced the hurdles of dealing with multiple international manufacturers, the complexities of launching a new business, and the emotional rollercoaster of excitement, worry, and doubt. However, our belief in our brand and its message kept us going, guiding us through the 'stormy seas' to 'calmer waters'

The Voyagers Difference: Beyond Fashion, Embracing Respect and Pride

At Voyagers, we embrace a proud ethos. Our focus is on cultivating a spirit of respect and pride. Proudly rooted from West Auckland, New Zealand, our aim is to inspire Polynesians and beyond. That's why we've ensured our size range spans from M to 7XL, welcoming everyone into the Voyagers family and fostering a sense of inclusivity for all.

A Vision Beyond Borders: Connecting Cultures, One Garment at a Time

At Voyagers, our vision extends far beyond the seams of our garments. We aim to be a beacon of inclusivity, transcending boundaries, and celebrating the shared journey of humanity. Our clothing tells a story of heritage, aspiration, and the boundless potential of new horizons.

Making a Difference: Our Commitment to Giving Back

We dream of a future where Voyagers gives back to our Pacific Island communities. Our aspiration is to donate clothing across the Pacific, contributing to the communities that have inspired our brand. Through our success, we hope to create a positive impact, fostering a sense of belonging and pride among Polynesians worldwide.

Voyagers: Embrace the Journey, Discover Your Authenticity

Today, Voyagers stands as a testament to our collective vision. Our brand symbolizes the spirit of innovation, respect, and unity. Just like our ancestors, we are voyagers navigating the sea of creativity, embracing individuality, and journeying towards freedom of expression. When you wear Voyagers, you don’t just wear clothing; you wear a legacy, a story, and a connection to a global community no matter the terrain or adventure.

Join Us on this Adventure

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Be a part of the Voyagers family, where every garment carries a piece of our story and a fragment of your own. Together, let’s celebrate the diversity of the world and the shared spirit of exploration that unites us all.

Voyagers Clothing: Where Heritage Meets Modernity, and Every Journey is Celebrated

Our Vision: Connecting people from all over the world, Voyagers reclaims culture through clothing that provides comfort and confidence anywhere.

Our Values:

  • Respect: For all individuals, cultures, and traditions.
  • Service: Through unwavering dedication to our customers and communities.
  • Belonging: Providing a sense of purpose and pride to all who wear Voyagers.
  • Innovation: Pioneering new paths in the fashion industry.
  • Pioneer: Encouraging creativity and self-expression.

Our Mission: To inspire pride in people of Moana worldwide and beyond. Through Voyagers, we offer garments that tell a story of heritage, aspiration, and the boundless potential of new horizons.

Wear Voyagers proudly and let the world know: We are Voyagers!

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Voyagers in the Beautiful Borabora, French Polynesia. One of many stops our Voyagers will travel on our way to sharing unity across the Pacific and Beyond!